Legal Outsourcing Services

Jennifer Lunsford offers a full line of legal support services for busy legal practitioners.  Save time and money by outsourcing time-consuming legal tasks to an experienced litigation associate and certified paralegal.  Our menu of services includes:
  • Legal Research and Memo Writing 
  • Drafting Pleadings and Motions 
  • Document Review (both hard-copy and electronic) 
  • Creating Charts and PowerPoint Presentations 
  • Jury Verdict Searches and Sustainable Judgment Value Assessments
  • Making Appearances on Your Behalf in Upstate New York 
  • Proof-Reading
  • Ghostwriting articles and blog posts
Why Outsource Your Work?
  • Control costs and enhance profits by:
    • Taking on more billable work without the cost of adding a full-time associate.
    • Charging a premium for outsourced work.
    • Taking on bigger, more profitable cases you would otherwise have to turn down due to under-staffing.
  • Manage growth by:
    • Adding staff, as needed, when your workload unexpectedly increases.
    • Avoid idle associates and layoffs should your workload later decrease.
    • Experiment with staffing schemes without cost and hassle of hiring permanent associates.
  • Increase Flexibility and Career Satisfacgtion
    • Cover scheduling conflicts.
    • Take time off without fear of dropping the ball or abandoning your clients.
    • Focus only on the work your enjoy and delegate the grunt work.
    • Billing more hours without exhausting yourself and your staff.
  • Improve Client Service and Reduce the Risk of Malpractice
    • Pass the cost savings and value to your clients.
    • Respond to client's more quickly and completely.
    • Delegate work you do not have time to do properly.
    • Avoid scheduling conflicts and missed appointments.
When you outsource your work to 
Jen Lunsford you get:
  • A New York licensed attorney with a top-tier legal education and years of practical litigation experience involving: 
    • Trials, depositions and court appearances
    • Extensive, complex document review and production
    • In-depth legal research and writing
    • Editing professional and scholarly writing
    • Creating charts and presentations for clients
    • Presenting complicated legal topics to sophisticated business clients and laymen
  • An attorney who has made personal appearances in over twenty counties in western and central New York
  • A dedicated, professional contract attorney with her own office space, online legal research account, and malpractice coverage.
  • A secure online portal through which to exchange documents.
  • The peace of mind that comes from knowing your work is in good hands.